PEI Maintenance & Contracting specializes in fuel tank system and gas pump installations.

Our Services: General Contracting, Commercial Construction, Fuel Tank System Installation, Environmental Compliance, Maintenance, Tank Testing & Inspection, Service Station Equipment & Supplies, Building Construction, Commercial Paving, & Airport Fuel Systems.

We offer a complete range of maintenance and contracting services in Bartholomew County, Brown County, Johnson County, Lawrence County, Marion County, Martin County, Monroe County, Morgan County, Owen County, and the surrounding Midwestern region of Indiana.

Fuel Tank Systems

We are fully committed to serving you in every aspect of the job and we are prepared to help you accomplish the important goals that will lead to a bright future for your company. PEI Maintenance & Contracting has the experience and quality needed to compete in a fast-paced, growing industry.

Airport Fuel Systems

Fuel Tank Testing

Fuel Tank Installation

Fuel Tank Inspection


With more than 35 years of experience, PEI Maintenance & Contracting is the single best resource available for petroleum contracting, automotive lifts, and gas station maintenance service.

General Contracting

PEI Maintenance & Contracting helps facilitate the construction of retail & commercial business spaces. We will come in and provide demolition, excavation, footer installation, and we will hire a crew to construct the building, drywall, finish work, and whatever else your project needs.

Service Station Equipment & Supplies

Environmental Compliance

Commercial Construction

We offer a full complement of construction services from the design phase to project completion.

We deliver quality work in a timely manner. Our trained experts are adept at collaborating and coordinating with architects, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and regulators. Our team is in place and ready to perform.

Building Construction

Commercial Paving